“My dear friend,
There is no work into which women have entered
more potent than that of wielding the pen….
Lovingly and admiringly yours,
Susan B. Anthony
January 9, 1888

“As the founding editor of Harper’s Bazar, she performed
a great service by showing that women can hold for years a place
at the head of a profession so difficult and arduous.”
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“Before there were fashion magazines as we know them today,
there was Booth – an accomplished translator who spoke seven languages;
a suffragist and abolitionist who fought on the front lines
of the 19th century’s most important social movements;
and a woman so far ahead of her time that,
in 1867, the Harper brothers, publishers,
asked her to invent an entirely new form of media.
The world has changed, and Harper’s Bazaar with it…
but Bazaar’s position as a cultural lodestone –
that is the legacy of Mary Louise Booth –
130 years after her death,
she is still steering women’s conversation.”

Glenda Bailey, Editor of Harper’s Bazaar
December 2018